Velum stretch fabrics are quicker and easier to install than any other ceiling. Installation can take only a few hours and the process is very clean, with no dust, water or debris. Velum Stretch fabrics are 100% recyclable.

At Possible we have over 10 year experience designing, supplying and installating a wide range of stretch fabric systems for use as ceilings, walls, decorative features etc. This includes, translucent (back-lit) ceilings, printed panels, acoustic systems, gloss and matt surfaces as well as custom 3D shapes.

Lightweight, environmentally friendly, limitless applications and solutions, stretch fabrics are ideal for many most environments. we have supplied and installed our stretch fabrics in hospitals, schools, leisure centres, offices, restaurants, car showrooms, homes…the list goes on!

Architects often like to think stretch ceilings are at their best when back-lit, but it is more often used for it's ability to take any shape, it's UV stability (self coloured, it never needs painted) and it's amazing accoustic properties, making it a great solution for theatres performance spaces and libraries.

All you need is Possible

Stretch ceilings are available in 150 colours and these are the finishes that can be applied


Translucent VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings can be installed throughout the entire room or as a segment in a variety of shapes.

  • Used for room lighting instead of the usual lamps;

  • Transmits the light more effectively;

  • Ceiling color can be changed whenever using led lights;

  • Available both plain and printed.


Ceiling and wall printing can be used for corporate advertising and branding, large-scale digital printing, or high-end residential decor.

Lacquered / Glossy

Hight gloss ceilings have a mirror effect and visually enlarges rooms where it is installed.

  • Perfect solution for small rooms, visually enlarges rooms;

  • Modern look;

  • Does not crack crack;

  • Color does not fade;

  • Over 100 colors.


Matte VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings are a classic choice for more conservative clients who prefer their ceilings perfectly even, non-reflective and everlasting.

  • Do not reflect light;

  • ‘Decorated plaster’ finish feel;

  • Does not crack crack;

  • Color does not fade.


Satin VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings are perfectly smooth and have a subtle hint of reflection, which gives stylishness to the interior.

  • Smooth and patterned surface;

  • Slight reflection;

  • Silk feel;

  • Pearl effect;

  • Does not crack crack;

  • Color does not fade;

  • Gives rooms French charm and Bohemian luxury.


Unlike the lacquered VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings, metal ones have a hint of sparkle which gives a deluxe look to rooms where it is installed.

Perfect solution for small rooms, visually enlarges rooms;

  • Luxurious look;

  • Does not crack crack;

  • Color does not fade;

  • Fire resistant.

Acoustic (perforated)

Acoustic VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings can be used with a sound absorption sheet. Good acoustics reduce noise, improve the sound and minimize reverberation.

Perforated VELUM DESIGN stretch ceilings ceilings also help achieve incredible lighting effects. Back-lit translucent ceilings stretched above perforated ceilings can create either a unique atmosphere or a funky dream depending on your design.

• Transmit light;

• Create acoustic environment