Roofingreen is a unique modular system designed for the creation of green outdoor spaces with artificial grass surface for roof tops and terraces, balconies, patios and facades. It combines a refined Italian design to the capability to improve the energetic efficiency of buildings. This product will definitely bring elegance and comfort to any outdoor spaces. It also has it’s benefits of being lightweight, comfortable and easy to assemble.

This product is particularly environmentally friendly as it is limiting the greenhouse gas emissions through the optimisation of the production cycle and it is also put together by raw recyclable materials.

System Features:

  • light-weight

  • multi-layer 53 x 53 cm modules, fit together like a puzzle

  • can be installed on a range of surfaces, on ground and above ground level

  • optional pedestal system for height regulation 2.5 cm - 50 cm

  • tiles are easily cut to size for surface borders

  • completely dry technology

  • high mechanical, load, wind and chemical resistance

  • horizontal and vertical installation

Major Benefits:

  • natural appearance, high comfort

  • ventilated, healthy underlying surface

  • raised surface; perfect in combination with other surface materials

  • excellent water drainage

  • performance in all climates, all year round

  • optional features: thermal insulation, integrated LED lighting, anti-shock

  • easy, flexible installation, reversible, easy inspection

  • minimal maintenance, no water consumption

Product Range


Roofigreen Nature

Nature is a patented product which is designed to renew roofs and terraces which become new meeting places suitable for social events. A pleasant layer of synthetic grass improves the external features and the insulation of the building, it is suitable for energy saving as well as restoration and sustainable renovation interventions, new construction, street furniture interventions and temporary exhibits.

Roofigreen Leaf

LEAF is the eco-friendly, lightweight, easyto-handle product which is designed for renovation of roofs and terraces and it is only 2.5 cm of thickness. This product allows water drainage and micro ventilation of the pavement and it distributes weight loads evenly, making the green surface stable and comfortable to walk on. This design has been developed to protect the underlying waterproof layer for a long period of time, and allows for easy positioning of exterior electrical wiring.


Roofigreen Nature Side

Nature Side is ideal for covering and insulating vertical ventilated surfaces such as vertical walls, by covering them with a nice layer of synthetic grass, that improves the aesthetic impact and the thermal and acoustic performance of the building, thus being suitable for energy saving as well as for restructuring, redevelopment and new construction. By not requiring any maintenance and irrigation.

Roofigreen Nature LED

Led simply allows you to integrate the Roofingreen Nature module with LED footpath lights, suitable for all outdoor environments. Nature Led adds the suggestion of the lights to the exceptional aesthetic impact and performances of the Roofingreen technology: thermal and acoustic insulation, ease and speed of installation, zero maintenance, no water consumption. Light the space around you.


Roofigreen Nature Antishock

Antishock is designed for parks, playgrounds and recreation areas that require paving safe, practical and easy to maintain. This product meets the highest standards of safety and convenience, and lends itself to be used in different contexts and by different user groups. It is the best solution for any space devoted to recreation and outdoor life that needs no maintenance and will remain attractive and safe.

Roofigreen Nature Drain

Nature Drain has a drainage capacity which completely invisible as it has 12 holes 6 mm wide in every tile which also enables facilitation and disposal of storm water. Nature Drain is available with adjustable feet for levelling slightly inclined surfaces, or without them for continuous laying on earth, gravel or other draining surfaces.