Meld produce our reindeer preserved moss, grass and ivy panels from sustainable European forests, The moss is handpicked from sustainable European forests and undergoes a full mineral preservation so it does not require any maintenance, food, water, special lighting, trimming or maintenance. The reindeer moss is available in a range of colours, can be manufactured into moss objects, letters or numbers, used to create company logo’s or pictures, or just simply applied to walls and ceiling. In addition to the moss panels there are also grass and ivy panels which are preserved in the same way as the moss panel.

All you need is Possible

moss Colour Chart

The natural colour of this moss is white, however it can be changed to a desired colour to suit your needs. Below are the most frequently selected colours by our clients, however, if you have any other colour in mind please do let us know.

Preserved grass and Ivy walls

Grass is notoriously difficult to preserve, however Asparagus virgatus, otherwise known as Tiki grass or Tree fern, undergoes the same, natural, mineral preservation of the Reindeer moss

Each panel contains an abundance of Hedera arborea and flat moss. Both minerally preserved to produce a zero maintenance, natural surface finish.