Combating Heat, Glare and Acoustic Noise, whilst still maintaining a light and airy feel within the space.


inShade develop their very own UK manufactured lightweight solar control fabric, which has been engineered specifically to cope within an environment with high UV & heat. This product will reflect up to 73% of solar energy whilst completely eliminating glare, and still allowing up to 23% of defused light through to keep your space well lit. The fabric construction of ISXFR is 100% polyester which produces a unique fabric that is long-lasting, hard-wearing and stretchy without the need to add elastane.

ISXFR fabrics are tested to BS 5867-1 2004: Textiles and textile products, curtains and drapes. Which then ensure that the fabric adheres to requirements of colour fastness to light, colour fastness to washing, and dimensional stability to washing.

InShade understand that your shading solution must work within your individual space and that’s why we’re able to offer multiple stunning solutions for any given space, so you can bring any degree of style and practicality to your space.

Using 3D models, our designers will tailor a unique design and configuration for your conservatory roof sail blinds to ensure they perfectly complement your personal space, enhancing both its beauty and functionality. With unlimited design options and configurations to choose from, we’re certain you’ll choose conservatory sail blinds that are right for you.

All you need is Possible

Design Types

Full coverage designs


Option 2

Point to point designs provide around 65% coverage which is sufficient to control heat in most conservatories. A simple symmetrical design works best and this option maintains a bright open feel and makes the most of the view from your glass roof.

Option 1

Larger multipoint sail blinds proved the most cost-effective solutions. The style is minimal and simple and the effect is similar to traditional pleated roof blinds but still retains most of the benefits of sail blinds.


Option 4

Replace the accent triangles for diamonds to create beautiful geometric symmetry with your own combination of multiple sail blind shapes and colours. Remove the accent sail blinds during winter months to allow even more light in adjacent rooms.

Option 3

The ultimate sail blind solutions use multiple sail blinds to create a stunning feature in a single colour or with bold accent sail blinds. Lots of small gaps allows shafts of sunlight to dapple your space.


Part Coverage

With shade sail blinds you can provide protection form the worst effects of heat and glare without covering your full roof. These solutions are most effective with a glass roof and a roof vent for optimum ventilation.


Option 6

Dropping sail blinds from a full coverage design can be an effective and attractive way to use the sail blinds to control heat and glare issues while keeping your big sky view. This approach also allows you to add to the coverage should your requirements change.

Option 5

A single sail blind creates an elegant attractive feature,and works well in both neutral and bold colours. Can be simple and symmetrical (as shown) or an extravagant wild and wonderful unique shape.