We have partnered with this  Graphic Concrete as they provide a range of graphic concrete which could enhance your architectural needs. This product is created by prefabricating patterns and images onto concrete surfaces such as facades, walls and pavement slabs. The desired image or a pattern is printed onto the membrane, after which the membrane is sent to the local concrete manufacturing company and then it is washed away, revealing the image or the pattern. The image results from the contrast between the fair face and the exposed aggregate surface.

All you need is Possible

Concrete Patterns



This pattern is proven to look good in concrete. Choose from over a hundred options, or let our patterns inspire you. All the GCCollection patterns are based on a repeating image size 3,2 x 3,2 m (10' 6'' x 10' 6'' feet). We believe in freedom of design, so if you would like to change the pattern a bit, feel free! It will not increase the cost.


This is an environmentally friendly option for making exposed aggregate surfaces. Unlike acid etch, sandblast, or liquid retarders, the GCExpose membrane emits no harmful gas or chemicals and is safe to use. It reduces the use of solvent based materials and dust inconvenience during production. You can choose from various exposure depths.


A smooth surface is achieved when casting on an empty membrane. The special GCSmooth membrane transforms the concrete surface into velvety soft and slightly shiny. We especially recommend this treatment for precast white concrete.

Design your own

If you want a unique pattern you can design it all to your own taste and imagination. This allows you to choose your own patterns, images and sizes. Please get in touch if you have any queries about this option as we will be able to provide you with more information on how to turn your ideas into reality.