Bruag panels provide a vast range of interior and exterior applications, solutions and possibilities available in over 3000 colours. Choose from a range of designs available or we can help you produce your own design, each design is laser cut and pattern continuity is never an issue no matter what length you need. Applications include interior wall and ceiling panels and dividers which can be enhanced with lighting, we can also provide acoustic solutions with our Bruag panels. Our exterior solutions include building facades, balcony’s, and fencing. We oversee all aspects of your project from design to installation. The design possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

All you need is Possible



This material can be shaped and coloured to the clients requirements which always brings joy to every designer. The compact high-pressure laminate board based on cellulose and phenol resin passes every endurance test and nearly every perforation you can imagine is possible.

Area of use: Exterior and interior

Thickness: 6mm, 8mm or 10 mm (other thickness after consultation possible)

Colours: NCS S Edition 2, RAL or 14 possible Bruag ALU Colours

Formboard Top Pine

This wood fibre board has been on the market for a few years. Throughout this time, this material has been tried and tested in hundreds of industrial, private and public buildings becoming more and more popular within the architects community as well as with property owners.

Area of use: Exterior

Thickness: 10mm or 18mm

Colours: NCS S Edition 2, RAL or 14 Bruag ALU Colours


This material has proven to be able to bring traditional flair into modern rooms. The multilayered panels are usually varnished in production but are theoretically available in all RAL and NCS colours.

Area of use: Interior

Thickness: 18mm

Colour: Colourlessly painted (possible: RAL or NCS)


This is a medium-density fibreboard that offers more than its sterile name would allow one to imagine. In the interior, it can be used for banisters, partition, wall claddings, acoustics, room dividers and much more.

Area of use: Interior

Thickness: 10mm, 19mm, or 30mm

Colour: NCS S Edition 2, RAL or 14 possible Bruag ALU Colours