3form is the leading manufacturer of award-winning, eco-friendly materials and architectural hardware solutions for the architecture and design industry. Our innovative 3form Varia system uses ecoresin to encapsulate colour, organic, materials and textures to translucent resin panels that can be transformed into walls, dividers, doors and many other architectural solutions.

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Most popular 3Form products around Europe

3Form Chroma

Chroma is one of the popular types of 3Form and it is produced from the optical grade engineered resin. this product is available in thick formats which allows great use for horizontal applications as well as it is a highly functional material which brings an impact when colours are introduced. There is a wide range of colours that can be chosen for this product and a durable vellum finish can also be added which means it can be easily refinished throughout its lifetime.

3Form Stone

This product is combined with the classic aesthetic and modern technology and is suitable for interior applications to brighten up your space as it offers a translucent warmth to any setting. This product requires very little maintenance as it is a chemical resistant surface. The best feature of this product is that it gives off that beauty of a natural stone, yet it lightweight and requires no special handling or equipment for installation.

3Form Struttura | fizz, float, pep

This product is know for being lightweight and highly translucent and these panels may contain up to 39% recycled content depending on the configuration chosen by the client. The developed technology and a wide range of colour options for this product make it unique and superior to aluminium and extruded core honeycombs in both functionality and stability.

3Form Varia ecoresin

This product is a dynamic interlayer system with unlimited design possibilities to meet all the needs, requirements and imaginations of our client. This product allows you to customise it by selecting your own colour, pattern, texture, interlayer and the finish of your material. Varia ecoresin can be formed into any shape or size using heat and this product is also made out of 40% of recycled contents.